The following facts have been compiled by Engineers, Land-Planners, Attorneys, Geologists and Surveyors.

Memphis Wrecking Landfill Operations 

  • The Memphis Wrecking Company (MWC) – Frayser Landfill and Recycling site has been operating for more than 10 years. Memphis Wrecking converted a blighted liquor store, an adult movie theater, and an abandoned construction pit left from the development of I-40 into the existing landfill.

  • MWC is solely a construction and demolition materials landfill and does not allow municipal trash and garbage in its operations.

  • MWC typically recycles much of the construction and demolition materials brought to its Frayser site, including asphalt, brick, concrete and metals. MWC also recycles trees, leaves and other similar materials.

  • The City of Memphis, MLG&W, and Memphis Wrecking are the only three entities using the site at this time.

  • All non-permitted material is refused at the gate or removed immediately.

  • MWC, for a decade, has been operating in Frayser with a completely clean operational record, having never been cited for violations of state or local regulations.

  • Memphis Wrecking is helping to achieve the State of Tennessee goal of diverting construction debris from other types of landfills. This saves tax payers money by avoiding long hauling costs and filling expensive and limited garbage landfills. The MWC facility is the most centrally located landfill, of this type, for the City of Memphis, and with easy access to I-240.



  • MWC typically recycles 50 percent of the construction and demolition materials brought to the Frayser site. Recycled asphalt, brick, concrete, and metal products are sold.  Trees, leaves, and similar materials may be used onsite for internal road and erosion control or transferred to companies that sell mulch and landscaping materials. 
  • MWC operates a State approved and environmentally-friendly operation in Frayser, managing only non-hazardous materials that do not emit odors or pollute the air or water. 



  • The only entrance to the site is from Thomas with an exit onto Stage Road.  No additional access points will be permitted



  • The additional parcel of 34 acres will be converted to 17 acres for landfill and 17 acres for additional landscaping of hills, berms, trees and ponds.
  • Expansion and improvements will create jobs, increase tax revenue, and maintain lower City disposal costs, saving taxpayers money.
  • MWC is dedicated to helping develop and grow Frayser and Memphis by aiding in the goal to eliminate blight by providing a critically needed local resource in which to reduce the cost of maintaining it. 
  • MWC is committed to ensuring their operations contribute to a sustainable community, and non-disruptive to the Frayser community.
  • MWC conducts voluntary assessments to ensure noise levels outside the landfill operation are never louder than a normal group conversation.
  • MWC is committed to being a good neighbor and partner to the Frayser community, ensuring their traffic will only enter the site on major roadways, deliberately excluding Whitney Avenue, and keeping 500 feet from all residential property. 
  • Preserving existing trees and planting additional trees along the east property line along with a berm creates a buffer area nearly as large as three football fields between Whitney Elementary and any landfilling operation.  This will provide a noise, physical and visual barrier between the school and operation.
  • No landfill operation will be visible from the north or east. MWC will construct and maintain berms and landscaping that will be visually appealing to their neighbors and the everyday passerby. The berms and landscaping will be similar to what has been constructed along North Thomas Street near the entrance to the landfill recycling center. 



  • Since 2008, the Frayser Landfill site has been monitoring environmental conditions. A recent air quality study shows dust inside the berm at a level 4000 times less than allowed by the government. Additionally, tests show no odors come from the site, and since no trash or garbage is accepted on the property, there are no pests, birds or rats attracted to the facility.
  • A noise quality study conducted in 2016, recorded noise levels at the work site similar to a lawnmower. While outside the berm, the noise was typical of any city neighborhood.
  • The site is regularly inspected by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) in addition to the state monitoring of ground water. Water quality have been conducted since 2008. Results of the tests show no impact from the landfill operation on the groundwater. In addition, the ground water in this area is not located near any MLGW water wells.
  • Memphis Wrecking does not process the following at the Frayser Landfill and Recycling Center: liquids, tires, household garbage and trash, appliances, bulk card board, paper products, plastic products, chemicals, nor medical waste. 
  • The site is in compliance with local regulations for security and dust control. Monitored cameras are located throughout the site. A wheel wash area and sprinkler system along roadways control dust as required.
  • When the Landfill is finished it will be covered in 2.5 feet of dirt and then seeded. The eastern portion of the property could be used for future community resources while the western portion of the site may be used for activities associated with commercial uses along North Thomas Street.
  • MWC will continue to improve the visual appearance of both the property and the entrance into the Frayser Community, while maintaining the “Welcome to Frayser” sign, landscaping, 8,000 linear feet of fencing, and all conditions and regulations required by the City of Memphis and the State of Tennessee.


  • The Frayser Landfill Recycling Center provides the City of Memphis and Memphis Light Gas and Water with a convenient and affordable location to dispose of non-hazardous debris that may otherwise have to be disposed of in an expensive sanitary landfill.

  • The Frayser Landfill Recycling Center helps Memphis, Shelby County and the State of Tennessee meet waste disposal goals of reducing construction debris landfilled in sanitary landfills.

  • The Frayser Landfill Recycling Center provides the City and County a less expensive resource for disposing of debris that fosters blight.

  • The Frayser Landfill Recycling Center provides a convenient and affordable alternative for small construction contractors who otherwise may dispose of construction materials illegally, dumping such materials on roadsides to be picked up later by the City at a cost to all taxpayers in the City.

This video should answer most questions that neighbors and the community may have regarding the expansion.

This video will give you a good idea of what the before and after will look like for the landfill expansion.