The following facts have been compiled by Engineers, Land-Planners, Attorneys, Geologists and Surveyors.

Questions and Answers Regarding the Landfill Expansion

What Kind of Existing Landfill Is This?
  • This site is permitted as a construction and demolition material landfill; it is NOT a garbage landfill. We dispose of trees, leaves, construction/demolition debris, lumber, brick etc. The proposed expansion will be the same.
  • Anything that is brought in that is not allowed on site is refused at the gate or removed immediately.
  • The City, MLG&W and Memphis Wrecking are the only three using the site at this time.
  • Memphis Wrecking is eco-friendly; we recycle trees, leaves, mulch, brick, steel, concrete, tires, box springs, and building materials.
  • Memphis Wrecking recycles 40-50% of what enters the site.
  • Memphis Wrecking is helping to achieve the State goal of diverting construction debris from other types of landfills. This saves tax payers money by avoiding long hauling costs and filling expensive and limited garbage landfills. Our facility is the most centrally located landfill of this type for the City, with superior access to I-240.
  • The only entrance to the site is from Thomas with exit onto Stage Road.
  • Expansion and improvements will create jobs, increase tax revenue, and maintain lower City disposal costs, saving taxpayers money.
  • There are 14 acres of landscaping and hills, and most people do not notice Memphis Wrecking’s operation. There has been little if no impact to the surrounding neighbors with our current operation, and there is no foreseeable impact with the proposed expansion.
  • A regulatory agency stated that of all the landfill sites in Memphis, this site has a superior appearance.
  • The fill expansion will be over 2 1/2 football fields away from the Whitney School building or 25 plus acre buffer between school building and landfill expansion and nearly 2 football fields away from any residential house. With the existing trees, bushes and added landscaping, the neighbors will not be able see us. Additional 12 acres of screening of the landfill expansion has already begun so they will not be impacted by the landfill.
  • There have been no complaints from neighbors on the existing landfill operation.
  • Expansion will permit continued, cost effective filling by the City with no impact to neighbors.
  • The facility will not affect the water table. There are 8 monitoring wells and a clay liner between the water and the construction/demolition debris. Water is 3 football fields below the landfill.
  • No dust will leave the site, and this facility has NEVER had a dust violation.
  • There will be no additional traffic.
  • The school will never see a truck.
  • There will be no odor. The landfill is covered with dirt every two weeks.
  • This site used to be a liquor store and X-rated outdoor movie theater. MWC has drastically improved the visual appearance of the property. Memphis Wrecking demolished the old structures, installed a “Welcome to Frayser” sign, landscaping, fencing, and a truck wheel wash which keeps the streets clean.
  • The site is equipped with security cameras, sprinkler systems, ground water monitoring wells (tests are performed twice a year with lab analysis turned in to the State), and the facility is regularly inspected. Memphis Wrecking pays $3,000.00 per year to be randomly inspected by the State of TN.
  • When the Landfill is finished it will be covered in 2.5 feet of dirt and then seeded. It will most likely become a park, par 3 golf course, or another community friendly property.
  • Memphis Wrecking has been in business for 85 years and we do things right.
  • Memphis Wrecking has been disposing of clean, non-regulated concrete at this site for 20 years, causing no disruption to the neighborhood.
  • There is a sign at our gate which states; No liquids, no tires, no household garbage, no appliances, no bulk card board, no loads of paper products, no loads of plastic products, no chemicals, and no medical waste.
  • Memphis Wrecking has conducted air quality tests, all which have passed. Nothing leaves the perimeter of the site.
  • Memphis Wrecking is a member of the Sierra Club and is a big supporter of protecting plants and animals.
  • Memphis Wrecking Company will fill from the south to the north … It will be 3 years +/- before we are within 2,000 +/- feet from school.
  • Concrete is dumped near Thomas and Stage, which is 3,000+ feet away from the school. It is then recycled offsite. There will be zero concrete dust.
  • There are no State or City rules that prevent landfills in this area
  • Neither the house nor the land is historic.
  • The site will add hundreds of thousands of dollars into the community, including approximately 15 new employees from operators to office staff, and laborers.

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This video should answer most questions that neighbors and the community may have regarding the expansion.

This video will give you a good idea of what the before and after will look like for the landfill expansion.